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Monday 10-11.15 am Intermediate Level Class with Various Teachers

This is a faster paced flow class which incorporates longer more challenging holds in a more intense sequence of poses

Tuesday 6.30-7.45pm All Levels Community Class with Ruth (by donation)

It's easy.A slow mindful Hatha flow class that concentrates on going within. uniting mind and body while developing focus and presence. We will also work on allignment and improving strength and technique.

Wednesday 10-11.30am All Level Class with Judy

This class you will begin with a series of gentle gliding movements on the floor to encourage the body to release tension and return to a more aligned state. A carefully sequenced set of poses with detailed alignment instructions and the use of props to help each body move into their best expression of the pose will follow. This is particularly suitable for older stiffer bodies.

Friday 10-11.15am Beginner Level Class with Ruth

This is a slow mindful Hatha flow class that concentrates on going within, uniting mind and body, while developing focus and presence.

Sunday 10-11.15am All Level Class with Mary Ann

This is a medium paced flow style yoga class.

Class Fees


Drop in class fee $12

Monthly unlimited class pass $75     

6 Month unlimited class pass $420 (Save $30)

12 Month unlimited class pass $825 (Save $75)

Tuesday Community Class is FREE FOR EVERYONE IN MARCH. Any amount welcome. If you are able please give generously so that we can pay it forward to those less fortunate. 

We are working on adding the service below to our website.

  • 1 hr 30 min


  • 1 hr 30 min


  • 1 hr 30 min


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