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August 2022 Newsletter - Transforming Challenges into Personal Growth

Transforming Challenges into Personal Growth

Emotional pain can be the instigator of personal growth. Suffering on all scales happens to everyone - it is universal! We all know others who have been through the ending of a relationship, a car accident - major or minor, lost a parent, or their kids grew up and left home. Some things are traumatic and unexpected, and others are a normal part of life but still bring us suffering. We can choose whether we see these things as opportunities to grow or be the victim of. Victim mentality removes our power and our ability to move forward stronger and more resilient. For a long time when I was younger, well into my forties, I did not believe that bad things happen to everyone. Finally, I started to think about all the people that I knew really well and I saw that each of them had been through difficulties. So what does growth mentality look like? First off one thinks "Why is this happening" and you feel all the emotions around that, such as grief, fear, loss, hopelessness, and so on. It is right and helpful to feel all those emotions. It is never about sugar coating an experience or forgetting that it was painful. The only way to deal with tough times is to move through them. To move forward think about what this event has to teach you, and how you can grow through the experience to become stronger and more resilient. Yoga is one of many practices which can help us through tough times because it helps to connect body and mind at times when we can get stuck in rumination about what is happening. Some meditation techniques can be helpful especially those that give us a mantra to focus on. Having a gratitude journal where you write down things you are grateful for, even things that we take for granted everyday, like a beautiful flower or a loved pet. Research has shown that this can make us feel better in difficult times. I can personally say that this has been true for me. In conclusion it is better to get some of these tools under your belt before one ends up in a challenging situation. It makes it easier to move forward with positive intentions, and to recognize when you engaged in negative self talk and rumination. Please keep coming to class, attended workshops, and any of our other on-going offerings to develop your resilience and coping mechanisms for challenges that, if we are being real, we know will surely come at some point in our lives.

In July on the morning of 20th there is a guided "Forest Bathing" experience for you to enjoy. I will be co-leading this with Bob Kennemer, local plant expert, and nature lover. We will spend time in mindful silence observing nature, and our responses to being surrounded by it. We will also share what we see and feel, as this helps others to notice more. Research has shown being in nature calms the body and mind, reducing anxious thoughts and rumination.Plants also produce chemicals that are beneficial to humans.More info about time, cost etc below under Special Events. I will be teaching Trauma Informed Yoga again in Walsenburg starting on Thursday August 25th. This is a free 60 mins class. Yoga mats are available and masks are optional. The yoga will be a slower mindful flow with encouragement to connect body and mind. Variations will be given to make this practice accessible to everyone. Our Friday Yoga in the Park class will continue at least through the end of September before we move back into the Studio. Come along and enjoy a mask-free outdoor practice surrounded by bird song and shade providing trees. The Mindfulness Group continues to meet twice a month rather than weekly. It meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday from 10-11.30am. Please come along and learn more about the practice of mindfulness. Our "Mindful Crafting Circle" also is on going and meets twice a month. Bring along any craft project (no wet media please) and sit with the group sometimes in mindful silence and sometimes engaging in conversation. It will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 1.00-3.00pm. You can still get to the Farmer's Market right after. For more details of all these events see below. Debra is recovering well from her shoulder replacement surgery on June 1st. As she is continues to recover I will be covering her classes. We wish her well as she works hard on her rehab and physical therapy. She is eager to return to teaching as soon as possible. The aim of everything that is offered at the Studio is "moving you toward peace, love & joy". May it be so! Ruth

MASKS ARE REQUIRED AGAIN IN THE STUDIO (Due to increased numbers of infections) (from July 1st)

Upcoming Special Events

FOREST BATHING on SATURDAY AUGUST 20TH at 8.00am-12.30pm with Ruth Heal & Bob Kennemer Come and spend a morning fully embraced in nature. Let nature nourish, restore, and support you. Learn how to notice all that is going on around you as we wander and then sit observing ourselves and nature. Location: We will be traveling to a quiet local area where we can be in contact with nature and away from man-made intrusions. We will car pool leaving the Studio at 8.00am. Cost $35 To reserve your place please email Ruth at or text 415 233 2632. Last date for reservations July 8th.

New Non-Yoga Studio Offerings

On-Going Yoga Studio Offerings

On-going dates are Aug 11th, Aug 25th, Sept 8th and Sept 22nd.

On-going dates are Aug 4th, Aug 18th, Sept 1st and Sept15th.

In-Person Classes

-Our goal, as always, is to provide a safe environment for you to practice Yoga. This means that we must continue to have extra precautions in place.

-Pre-booking (see below) is now optional, however doing so guarantees your space as we are still limited to 7 students.

-Class size is limited to 7 students.

-No one who has not been in the area for 10 days or more will be allowed to attend unless they have been fully vaccinated.

-Masks are required in the Studio from July 1st. However this remains subject to change if there are indicators that masks are no longer necessary for the safety of all in the Studio. Masks are not required at our outdoor classes.

-On entering the Studio you have to use hand sanitizer or go straight to the bathroom and wash your hands with soap and hot water.

-Your temperature will be checked using a Touchless Forehead Thermometer and you will be required to answer some health questions. Do not attend class if you have a fever or cough.

-When you arrive you will be asked to use one of the marked mat spaces.

-Students must bring their own yoga mats. props will once again be available for use, and if you have your own please bring them to use.

-We will not be practicing any forceful yogic breathing techniques or chanting and sounding Om as the virus is spread through respiratory droplets.

-There will be no hands on adjustments of students by the teacher.

You can be assured that we are following all the cleaning and disinfecting procedures required by the County Health Dept.

To book classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Booking your class guarantees you a place. Please book at the website on the Classes page, or click on the BOOK A CLASS button below. You now have the option of paying on-line or at class by check or cash. If you are unable to use the website to book please text/call Ruth 415 233 2632. That message will be passed on to the class teacher even when Ruth is not teaching. Class places will be allocated based on when your booking was received.The cut off time for booking will be 10 pm of the day before.

Payment is on-line by card or by check or cash in person. Classes will be at the Drop-in Fee of $12 with no Monthly Memberships available at the present time. Checks should still be made to La Veta Yoga Studio.

CLASSES ARE SCHEDULED AS LISTED BELOW. Classes are suitable for all levels including beginners

You must pre-book

TUESDAY 5.30pm with TAYLOR


FRIDAY 10am YOGA in the PARK with RUTH

SUNDAY 10am with RUTH

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