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  • Ruth Heal

New Beginnings NO! New Endings YES!

At the start of the year our thoughts often turn toward resolutions, clean slates and new beginnings. The truth is that we cannot make a new start but we can make a choice to create a new ending. Everything we have done before is done and nothing we do can undo that. It seems to me that we need to let go of the past, and forgive ourselves for our mistakes, so that we can move forward toward a new ending.

Accepting our past with equanimity is a difficult task. If there is nothing you wish you had done differently you are in a very small minority. Most of these things we regret were not done deliberately but through ignorance or mis-information. For a moment imagine it was your best friend that was owning up to something, would you not tell them it was OK and you understood how it happened? Now bring that level of compassion to yourself because you too are worthy of forgiveness.

Now you can start working toward your new ending. Take time to connect with your deepest desires and heart-felt wishes - really get quiet and connect with this part of yourself. This is what we will be doing as part of the Vision Board Workshop on January 11th. Once you know your heart-felt wishes really look at the wording to create a positive intention. Also look at the motivation behind those desires.

For example if you want to commit to coming to Yoga twice a week your motivation might be to be healthy and fit. You might set an intention "I am working toward my health and fitness and attending Yoga twice a week is an important part of this." If you want to be more careful about how you talk to your loved ones and are motivated by your love for them, your intention could be "I express my love and understanding through my careful choice of words." Create intentions that have a high degree of possibility, that you feel are attainable. Small changes over time can make a far greater impact to change the ending than trying to do it all at once.

Keep moving toward your new ending!

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